About Nova Pacific Environmental

We recently celebrated our twenty fifth anniversary and look forward to advancing our tradition of providing clients with innovative solutions that benefit the environment and the client. We take particular pride in the contributions we have made in
Understory in old growth forest,
Nahwitti River, BC

(i) managing gravel extraction from rivers to ensure sustained or enhanced fish habitat capabilities while ensuring channel flow capacity and flood control, and
(ii) developing a methodology in sustainable agricultural and municipal drainage management that enhances instream and native riparian habitat health while matching or bettering the more aggressive machine maintenance in providing channel flow and flood control.

In addition to these two specialties, Nova Pacific Environmental Ltd. provides a broad range of general environmental services including impact assessment, habitat mitigation and remediation, and environmental management services in marine and freshwater environments.

Freshwater crayfish,
Pacifastacus leniusculus,
photographed in Chilliwack, BC