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  • Water treatment objectives planning
  • Chlorine emergency response planning
  • Water sustainability and equitability planning
  • Water and wastewater audit and management master plan


  • Water Quality systems modelling, route selection
  • Water management and land development
  • Water Integrity management
  • Water systems design
  • Water systems security planning and development
  • Route planning and analysis
  • Process engineering for pollution reduction and control
  • Irrigation systems planning, design and development


  • Advisory for water licensing applications process
  • Construction management
  • Training

Assessment and Inspections

  • Environmental inspection assessment and compliance monitoring during construction
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring
  • Environmental assessment – air and noise quality monitoring
  • Hatch alarm inspections
  • Equipment calibration inspections
  • Reservoir contamination assessment and video inspections
  • Ground water and contaminated sites assessment


Project Design

  • Environmental input to project design
  • Environmental protection plan creation
  • Impact mitigation strategies and compensation design
  • On-site troubleshooting

Marine Environment Specialties

  • Worksafe certified diving biologists and support divers
  • Underwater photography and video
  • Salt marsh design, construction supervision and transplants
  • Eelgrass transplants
  • Reef and foreshore habitat projects
  • Hydro acoustic monitoring and mitigation of pile driving impacts

Regulatory Process Coordination and Approvals

  • Federal (DFO, TC, SARA)
  • Provincial (MoE, FLNRO, RAR)
  • Interagency and public consultations
  • First Nations consultation
  • Permit applications and support

Environmental Assessments

  • Detailed resource inventories
  • Fish and aquatic habitat
  • Vegetation and wildlife
  • CEAA (Screening, Comprehensive Studies)
  • Riparian Area Regulation (RAR) watercourse setback delineations
  • Habitat Mapping
  • Biophysical inventories
  • Invertebrate collection & analysis
  • Impact mitigation

River/Stream Flood Risk Mitigation

  • Sediment removal project design
  • Bank protection
  • Channel capacity maintenance
  • Crossing assessments

Construction Monitoring

  • Pre, post and construction monitoring
  • Mitigation installation and monitoring
  • Fish and amphibian salvaging
  • Water quality sampling & analysis
  • Water quality and turbidity management
  • Spill control and emergency response
  • EMP/EPP/ESC plans and reports

Aquatic Habitat Services

  • Compensation project design and implementation
  • Stream enhancement projects
  • Stream channel hand maintenance
  • Riparian planting and aquatic vegetation transplants
  • Follow-up assessments

Aquatic Ecology Research

  • Salmonid rearing habitat studies
  • FHAP methodologies
  • Research and development of habitat management strategies
  • Salmonid juvenile migration and enumeration studies
  • Adult migration studies
  • Benthic invertebrate sampling
  • Spawner enumeration
  • Spawning habitat assessments
  • Periphyton sampling


Project Design

  • Permitting and regulatory compliance
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment including preliminary environmental risk items

Environmental Assessment

  • Review of historical environmental data including historical regulatory data
  • Identification of existing and potential sources of contamination
  • Environmental fate modelling, risk mitigation of potential migration of the contamination
  • Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Services
  • Baseline studies and initial site review and assessment
  • Site survey and preliminary inspections
  • Soil, Groundwater and Surface Water Contamination Assessment
  • Detailed site Assessments
  • Hazardous Building Materials Assessment (Asbestos)
  • Air and noise level assessment
  • Above/underground storage tank content and tightness testing, asbestos containing material (ACM) sampling, hydro-carbons, PCB sampling and identification, geomagnetic or geophysical surveys


Geotechnical Services

  • GIS Management
  • Spatial data (GIS) with the multi-criteria analysis
  • Geotechnical studies and assessment
  • Geo-hazard risk assessment, ranking, identification and risk mitigation
  • Geo-hazard Assessment and surveys

Construction Monitoring

  • Pre, post and construction monitoring
  • Environmental inspection assessment and compliance monitoring during construction
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring
  • Environmental assessment – air and noise quality monitoring

Habitat Remediation

  • Project level conservation, Reclamation, and Closure Planning (PLCCRP)
  • Detailed Remedial Investigation
  • Remediation System Design and Cleanup Execution
  • Detailed remediation, restoration and conservation
  • Site Closure (Decommissioning)
  • Project level conservation, Reclamation, and Closure Planning (PLCCRP)
  • Full restorative services
  • Full remediation and closure planning
  • Site reclamation and baseline restoration

Emergency Response

  • Emergency response planning, abatement, mitigation, regulatory abandonment and execution

Data Tracking

  • Stake-holder tracking tools
  • Data delivery to mobile devices for navigation and sample data entry
  • Sample data tracking, naming conventions, and central database management for rapid reporting
  • Field (GPS) survey standardization to ensure consistency with mapping standards
  • Drone GIS systems support mapping
  • Decision support tools


  • Owners representative and client advisory
  • Supply chain management, category management and procurement
  • Asset management and EHS
  • H&S planning an compliance
  • QMS planning and execution
  • Value environmental engineering and design
  • Product and service quality assessment
  • First Nations Consultation and Benefit impact agreements
  • Field (GPS) survey standardization to ensure consistency with mapping standards
  • Value environmental engineering and design
  • Project development and management
  • Socio-Economic Analysis
  • Contract management and procurement


Nova Pacific Environmental provides high quality environmental services for private and public sector clients throughout BC.